This site is focused on promoting a better understanding of equines, their behavior, and the horse-human relationship.

Our main objective is to facilitate a safer, healthier and friendlier environment for both people and horses.

On this site you will find pages and posts on equid behavior, learning theory, philosophy and horsemanship, as well as information about the educational activities we offer.

Our activities and efforts are aimed towards improving:

                Welfare of domestic equids

Through an objective view of behavior we encourage good horse care practices, critical thinking and a commitment to continued learning.

We provide educational programs focused on enhancing knowledge on equine behavior, welfare and training by organizing classes, workshops, courses and conferences in different locations throughout the year.

Conservation and management of Free ranging, feral or wild equids

By networking with researchers involved  with equids around the world, we aim to support ongoing research in different locations or alternately set up our own research projects, such as  Equus Field Study & Field Study Workshops.

“Never does nature say one thing and wisdom another” 

Juvenal (c. AD 55-138)

This site is an on-going work and we’re hoping to gather enough input and feedback to make it a valuable resource for those interested in horses. Visit our pages by clicking on the buttons below our header or on the widgets on the sidebar or footer areas.

Enjoy your visit!





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