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  1. Hi! Happy New Year! We spoke about a year ago of the possibility of me coming to your centre with my horse. I am cousin of Alison Micklem who you know.

    Suddenly I have the chance to rent my house for a full year and would like to find a way to use the time to bring my energetic medicine with people, places and animals to more people. I am also a dressage rider and instructor.

    My horse is a twenty year old thoroughbred gelding who is very keen for me to follow up this possibility of coming to work at your centre for the year. Animal communication is my deep interest and helping people on every level. I don’t speak Spanish yet but I could teach on English speaking programmes and most of my communication skills are energetic and heart based rather than verbal!

    I remember that you two often have time away lecturing in different countries and so I could also take care of business and house/animal sitting when necessary. I probably told you my credentials last time but just to recap, I have a first class degree in Philosophy, a diploma in Social Work, a diploma in Music, British Horse Society riding, care and instructor qualifications. I have worked in many riding stables, a spa for injured race horses and dressage yards. I have been running my own business Healing By Franc for three years. I offer Space Clearing for homes and businesses resolving Earth Energy and Spiritual problems, Energy Healing for people and their animals. I run workshops, both day-long and residential and monthly healing lunches and meditations.

    Please let me know if it would still be possible for me to come, when and on what basis. I am available for any of the above.

    Many thanks, love Frances

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