Research Proposal

Scientists and students are welcome to conduct their field studies for independent research, or thesis projects, at our Field Study Workshop (FSW ) stations.
If you are interested in heading up research at one of our FSW Stations, or any kind of work, we require a short
Research Proposal to be e-mailed (e-mail) to us. We require one Research Proposal per project.

The proposal should contain the following:
– Basic info including; Full Name, Address, Institution, Contact details and educational achievements.
– Dates and duration of study and will the research project potentially run into future years.
– Exposition of research topic with a brief description of the project and goals.
– Existing research (literature)
– Approach, material and methods, with special attention to the environmental impacts on the land or those that may affect the horses at our FSW Pottoka Piornal Station and surrounding area, as well as any potential conflicts with other ongoing field work.

We have created a data repository to house data gathered at our FSW Stations. We encourage you to archive some or all of your data with us, so that we may foster further research and collaborations between FSW Stations and researchers from other iinstitutions, encouraging new research directions and raising the profile of our facility. Researchers retain all rights to their data.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or wish to discuss your proposal .

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