Learning about horses

Wild Equus organises a series of popular talks, seminars, and conferences.

Ethology, Applied Ethology & Welfare

  • Conferences, lectures, and classes in Universities, institutions and all horse people. These talks with an ethological base, are focussed on how to better maintain horses in a domestic setting.
  • We also offer seminars and workshops to the general public and consultation work for welfare organizations and equine facilities

Ethology, Ecology & Conservation

  • Creating educational field study programs geared to facilitate understanding of equid behavior and ecology through hands-on field experience.
  • By coordinating our programs with on-site researchers and conservationists
  • Helping to ensure the sustainability of ongoing research, conservation and management efforts.

If you are interested in hosting one of our 2019 Talks or Seminars you can contact us for more information … (here)