Nena´s pregnancy

Nena, was adopted three years ago through a friend. She was enclosed in a 2x2m shed and up to her knees in manure. When I first saw her she was a complete mess. She had wounds and sores all over her body, heavy wheezing from respiratory problems and was absolutely terrified of humans (specially men!)

 We had no way of transporting her to our farm arranged and given we were only 6 kms. away, I decided to walk her home. She was extremely de-hydrated and had clearly not eaten for days. She got watered-up and we were on our way. She was exteremly well behaved on the halter and rope and gave no problems whatsoever during our little journey.

Once at our farm and her new home, we commenced to explore different ways of bringing her back to health, together with friends and vets. nena was in worst shape than i had observed at first glance and we noticed that she had severe allergies as well as a punctured retina. We started treating her for her different ailments, and after just a few days of good food, water, different treatments and good handling she was on her way to happiness.

As she got stonger she demonstrated or explained to us what she liked and disliked as well as her tendencies. She was a real horse houdini! She could just twist through the electrical fencing to freedom almost at will, causing a great deal of havoc at our farm as other horses weer keen to join her in her galavanting.

Furthermore she was almost impossible to catch, you could not get anywhere near her when she had decidedly escaped. It took all sorts of patience, some i didnt know existed, to convince her that once caught she would not be severly punished. She was very frightened of the halter and ropes. I deduced that this was due to very rough handling, and once caught and man-handled, I again deduce that she was punished.

As time passed and she settled in her place at the farm, the escaping became more scarce and she slowly started gaining trust with humans.

A couple of years have now passed and I must say that her recovery is almost complete. What a beautiful little mare she has turned out to be. She is a delight with kids and now lives with her gelding pony friend Flequi.

In April 2007 we decided to look for a stallion to mount her, and finally found what we were looking for through a friend. He had a stallion pony who was heavily stressed from the vigours of continous mating. The Stallion “Estradivarious” was brought to our farm as a vacation from his mating routines. We were informed by the owner that the stallion was very vicious with mares leaving them heavily scarred after mounting. As we wanted a natural mating, we introduced them to each other and nena immediately went in heat and we let both ponies loose in a 50 foot (17 meter) roundpen. Mounting took place in a span of 7 days, after which both stallion and mare lost interest and became as calm as lambs.

The pregnancy lasted just under 12 months, and we now have a new member in our community. Murphy was born on the 3rd April 2008, a black foal with irregulr stars.


Bonding and imprinting was succesfully done by the mother, and the foal found his mom immediately and started suckling. After less than an hour he expelled Miconium and started testing his balance. A new life at our farm, full of energy and ready to face the world.

On the second day of his birth, we must say that he is extremely energetic and in good health,and nena is a super mare with her foal, she does not let him out of her side, following him everywhere while he investigates, trotting, galloping, smelling and tasting.

Murphy, What a character. So young and full of life, he has an ncredible personality or as Pat Parelli says Horsenality.

The foal is giving his mom a handful, running around in the paddock, full blast! nena just slowly follows him at a distance wherever he goes. he is starting to stand against his mom as well as biting her tail once in a while.

The other day we went for a short walk with Nena whilst Murphy followed us around. He presented himself to the dogs, racing up and down from mommy to about 30 meters and back again. Showing off his lifted Trot and how much of a stallion he his going to be.

I think I am going to take them for another walk…..

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