horse-human-horse … From my eyes by Olga Valls

horse-human-horse. From my eyes.

Most people gallop through life, jumping and stumbling along the way, giving their opinion on everything and doing the things that everyone else does, just because things are the way they are and no one can change them. Others prefer to decide how to live, take our own decisions and do what we really like to do.
We think that things can change, and we are determined to make them change, and we feel we can do it.
With the horse it works in a similar way. There are those who simply jump on them, holding on however they can, placing the horses in submission because that’s what everybody has always done, giving him orders because he’s just an animal, etc. While others (we) search for something else, something that makes us feel good, a special relationship.

Olga i Pubilla He’s got the ability to make us concentrate on “him”. We release all thoughts towards him. He hypnotizes us, our mind relaxes, it gets empty and calmer.
All horses can bring us to that state of well-being, although they may be problematic or bad horses (opinion of those who cannot have a good communication with them).

All of them have this ability, but there’s always one who makes us feel better, in harmony, the one we have a special connection with. We must let them express themselves and listen to what they want to say to us.
Some will say almost nothing because they lost their confidence in humans or because they have learnt to behave as robots, some others will talk very clearly, and some others will be more subtle but they too will end up talking. They always open a door to let us communicate with them… the rest is our decision.

There are a lot of people who don’t accept that this communication exists, that we can connect two souls. They treat us as weird people (to say it nicely) but it is in those moments that we can send powerful positive vibrations. We visualize clearly what we want to achieve, all of a sudden, ideas come to mind on which techniques to use and when is the moment to use them. We have just opened a channel to our inspiration.

We want the maximum he can offer, but we don’t want him to forget what he is, a horse. We don’t force; we negotiate and come to agreements. We don’t judge if he’s good or bad; he simply is.

We respect his character, the spark that makes him happy, his soul, and we learn how to play with it. We try to explain to him what we want, taking advantage of how he is. He brings his heart to us, not as a servant but a companion. It is he who comes to us, who has the curiosity and has fun learning… from us.

He wants to feel free and have somebody to trust, somebody to cooperate with, to take decisions with. He is sensible and also looks for our sensibility, our understanding and comprehension. He doesn’t need us neither to overwhelm, disturb nor provoke him with pain. He doesn’t need to be a slave, he only wants to feel respect and live in peace. And he gives us everything when he’s really connected with us. Thus, he is happy, he is healthy.
On the other hand he runs away when he feels obligation, control, pressure or confusion. That makes his body react with discomfort: limp, colic, allergies… etc.

Sometimes it seems that he’s blocked, as if he wasn’t ready, fearing what we’re asking of him… Isn’t he reflecting how we are feeling? What do we feel, what do we transmit to him? What if it’s us who don’t believe that was the ideal moment to ask? What if it’s us who don’t believe that we can communicate with him as we could? What if it’s us who are blocked because we don’t know how to go on? Do we doubt about doing it properly, not spoiling it?
If we don’t trust ourselves as good leaders, he feels it and he doesn’t respond until he feels our mind`s clear, that we have set a direction and we follow through our decision.

Until we find this direction it may be convenient to make a pause. We let him relax, without any sense of pressure, and let him assimilate what he learnt and fix it in his subconscious mind.
We work on us. We clear our mind, make sure we believe that we can do what we want, and come back to him again with our calm heart and mind.
He receives those feelings and, always ready to cooperate with us, we get the harmony that we are looking for.

We achieve being the love of the eyes of our giant cuddly toy, to live and trust with.
No trauma for any of us and a real adventure of communication and love.

Olga Valls.

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