Steve Harris presents Touch of Love in Spain

 STEVE HARRIS presented his “TOUCH OF LOVE” clinics through EQUILIBRE for the first time in Spain, in November 2007.

 The success of his presentation was incredible, emotionally lifting and unforgetable.

EQUILIBRE has gained a good friend and a Master in dealing with horses and people! Steve`s work was personanlly recomended by Lucy Rees, and boy was she right!

Seeing Steve and Lucy together was a great experience for all those present, and it may just be the starting point for more dialogue and understanding between professionals of the horse world!

Who is Steve Harris?

Steve was born on a dairy farm in Arizona in the 1940. In his youth, horses were his toys and friends, he then worked for 25 years on animal ranches and horses became his tools, now they are his inspiration and teachers.

Steve has been with horses all his life, in 1986 he saw Ray Hunt, ray changed his life and ways with horses. Steve immediately built a round pen in his ranch at Arizona and commnced practicing what he had learnt through Ray. He has also learnt a lot from amongst others, Buck Brannaman.

Since 1988 he has worked with over 1500 green or badly broken horses, creating his own particular way of working and relating with Horses. He now offers us his “TOUCH OF LOVE” clinic with the goal of bettering the relationship between horses and people.

He has worked with many professionals from the “Natural Horsemanship” world, such as Monty Roberts, Dennis Reis and Pat Parelli. Lucy rees saw him work one day in Arizona and decided to include him in her book “La Mente del caballo” (Spanish version of “The horse`s mind”, with slight variations from the original publication.

Educational program for horse and rider!

“Touch of Love” is based on communication, both mental and physical, that develops a partnership between the horse and human.

Every horse, no matter what his training level, breed, age or past experience, will benefit from a “Touch of Love” experience.

Every horse lover, from a beginner to a professional trainer will develop a better relationship with their horse if the “Touch of Love” techniques are properly applied.

Some comments on the “TOUCH OF LOVE” Clinics celebrated at EQUILIBRE.

A written reflexion….better still, a smile!
It is difficult to put in words all that was lived and the sensations of these days together.

The peace and knowledge of Steve, combined with the easy goingness and affection of Helka, Victor and Victor Leo…all in a magical and embracing place: Equilibregaia.

Maybe we should have asked Califa and Ariel to write a few lines…surely they understand much better what has happened during these days, in which they have felt more listened too and respected.

Thank you from teh bottom of my heart for this clinic were several different aspects have joined together: Cultural, Emotional, Personal, all focused towards horses and under the attentive look and kind and clever words of Steve.

All of us have attended the course with our own personal histories, the same as our horses take along their own experiences…..It is in the interaction generated between each horse & rider that we can grow and enrich our lives. the key: positive communication as the common denominator at all times. Thank you for showing us the way to listen with our hearts and communicate with gestures. The effort of entering the mind of the horse and empathise with them helps us rid ourselves of all that which is false and apparent, to look deeper and understand. This effort is double, because at the same time we listen to horses, we learn how to be more conscious of ourselves and our emotions.

I thank the horses as well for being mirrors of our souls, presenting us kindly with goals, for helping us achieve, and forgiving, brininging out the best in us and helping us overcome personal difficulties.

During the clinic I have though a lot about different situations in my life, and I could not avoid – nor did I want to – thinking about my other girl Pyrenne who died with her head in my arms about five months ago. I am still not prepared to see her images, but if I close my eyes, I remeber all the sensations which she gave me. I would have also wanted to offer her this course…Thanks to Steve and to you I now understand her better, and I miss her even more, these words are for her and all the horses that give us their company.


Two weekends like these I dont recall. This is due to several reasons. the first being the possibility of getting to know people, who like us, enjoy spending their spare time with horses. Also being able to spend this time with my partner is very enriching and something I will not easily forget. lastly but not less important, I have found a way of uderstanding horses like I could have never imagined. For all this, and many more things that I will leave unsaid. I only have words of gratitude for Victor & Helka and of course Steve Harris, who has shown us much more than just reading the messages that the horses send us.


“For me it has been more than just a course. In this meeting, Steve has filled everthing with infinite peace…. A person ready to share his life`s knowledge and learn from others, in the most humble and loving way.”

This is for you: I appreciate how well you have attended me. I was incredibly happy to have been there those days, and when I had left I had truly miised you for a while. All this would not have been possible without you. A big hug,


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