Wild Equus Network

Welcome to the WEN website!

Our main mission is focussed at promoting the welfare of domestically kept equines and the conservation of wild or free-roaming equids around the world.

Only through education can gaps be bridged between sociocultural considerations, ethics and science. By bridging these gaps, the Wild Equus Network proposes new strategies to help protect, manage and conserve wild equids as well as the habitats and wildlife diversity on which they rely, and which many people are also likely to depend.

Throughout our site you will find articles relating to the natural history, ethology, ecology, conservation, and welfare of domestic horses and other equids.

We also provide ethology field-based research projects and educational programs, which are oriented toward making a positive impact on the lives of wild, free-living, and domestic equids worldwide. Our activities revolve around ethology, the biological study of behaviour, and provide insight into the fascinating lives of horses, while confirming clear guidelines for better welfare-based management of free-populations, as well as, improving the lives of captive and domestic equids.