Victor Ros

Wild Equus Network (WEN) was created in June 2015, by horseman, ethologist and independent equid researcher, Victor Ros, to act as a platform for the development of an international network for like-minded people and organizations committed to the study, protection, and management of equines.

Our motto: A safer and healthier place for horses and humans

Only through education, can we bridge the gaps between science, ethics and sociocultural considerations. At the heart of our approach is Ethology; the biological study of behavior. Studying equids in the wild not only aids our understanding of how to better manage existing populations but also gives us clear guidelines to improve the lives of captive and domestic ones alike.

Our educational programs focus on two main areas:

Ethology, Applied Ethology & Welfare

  • Through conferences, lectures, and classes in Universities and Institutions
  • By offering Seminars and workshops to the general public
  • Providing consultation work for welfare organizations and equine facilities

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Ethology, Ecology & Conservation

  • Creating educational field study programs geared to facilitate understanding of equid behavior and ecology through hands-on field experience.
  • By coordinating our programs with on-site researchers and conservationists
  • Helping to ensure the sustainability of ongoing research, conservation and management efforts.

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Without the commitment and passion of extraordinary people, the WEN projects would not succeed. Thank you for your support!