Field Research

We organize expeditions to many parts of the world in support of free-living equid research projects. Our expeditions are combined with educational ethology programs to provide a rich “on-site” learning experience on horse behavior.

Learn more about our  Field study programs: Equus Field Study [EFS]

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Wild Equus Atlas

The Wild Equid Atlas aims to register and map free-living equid populations from around the world. Whether you are a scientist or a citizen doing science, this initiative hopes to engage the interest of people from all walks of life to help build a database for free-living equids.

Equus Ethogram

The Equus Ethogram is an attempt to amass the wealth of information on equid behaviour, especially that of horses, into an online database.


Wild Equus provides consultation on equine behavior and welfare management of domestic horses.

Consultancy in herd conservation measures and management. We also assist in the establishment of equine related scientific tourism businesses.