Field Studies – Ethology and horses

Far from the theory given in classrooms, our programs offer on-site field experience coupled with practical observational and research skills.

Field studies address many behaviors that are likely not observable in more controlled environments.  Many aspects of social behavior, mating systems, feeding habits or even predator-prey relationships can only be seen where equids roam freely. Anyone seriously interested in studying or understanding the behavior and ecology of horses should experience observing them in nature.

Many feral and wild equids live in remote and marginal locations across the globe. Through our educational programs, Wild Equus Network will literally transform these diverse ecosystems into your classrooms.

Universities, colleges, schools, students, researchers, caregivers, and horse enthusiasts, are all encouraged to join our field study expeditions.

Through our field-study workshops, we provide training to students of animal behavior and those with interest in horses and other equids. Our field study programs are run yearly in the same locations on about the same dates and have durations of between 1 week to 1 month.

Join one of our upcoming field studies:Dates for 2019-2020 will be posted soon.

One thought on “Field Studies – Ethology and horses

  1. I may have to learn from home, when I can; but I am sharing the information. Today, I was “back in the saddle” for a while. Tomorrow I may ride bareback, who knows. Anyway…thank you for the wonderful educational opportunites you provide for all who want to learn. You have always been a person who gained respect from doing what you say you will do; and then some. Thanks to the entire team and group(s) at EQUILIBRE! Thank you to Victor Ros for creating an environment that is exceptional.

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