FSW Danube Delta

Course title: FSW Danube Delta

Course type: Introduction to Ethology & Horses with Victor Ros

Course dates: 11th through 20th September 2016 (10 days)

Course location: Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve (Romania)

This course is an introduction to the ethological approach of understanding horse behaviour, and a glimpse of the feral horses living in and around the Letea Forest (Leteaskogen) of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve.

Researchers from other institutions are invited to join us on this new field study expedition in hopes of establishing a long lasting collaboration and encouraging new research directions.

If you are interested in this new FSW Program please fill in the registration form here: http://wp.me/Pe5cu-2fj

Should your interest lie in undertaking a research project, please read here: http://wp.me/Pe5cu-auk

For more information about the course and its logistics, don’t hesitate to email us at: wildequus4 (@) gmail.com


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