Wild Equid Atlas

The Wild Equid Atlas aims to register wild and feral equid populations from around the world into an online interactive map.

Anyone with knowledge of an equid population anywhere in the world is invited to get involved in our Wild Equus Atlas program. Whether you are a scientist or a citizen doing science, this initiative hopes to engage the interest of people from all walks of life to help build a database for free-living equids.

There are many well known populations of free-living equids around the world that have not yet been registered. We are hoping for your feedback! No need to get technical, but the more info we can accumulate the better.

Give it a go, it’s easy!

If the horses you know aren’t on the map, we encourage you to register them, and we can work on the specifics later. Please share images if available.

Thanks for getting involved. You will be credited for your contribution to the Wild Equus Atlas. All forms are reviewed prior to final registry into the database.  All entries can be edited and updated at a later date, and you are encouraged to keep us posted on developments regarding the population.

Below a list of entries to the Wild Equus Atlas from contributors. By clicking on the links, you can view the full entry posts:

Venezuelan Creoles WEEntry from Dr. Jose Luis Canelon

Pottoka Piornal ponies WEEntry from Lucy Ress

Pryor Mountain wild horses WEEntry from Dr. Jason Ransom

McCullough Peaks horsesEntry from Dr. Jason Ransom

Aveto horses (WE)Entry from Evelina Isola

Galician wild ponies WEEntry from Dr. Laura Lagos

Namibia Desert horses WEEntry from Dr. Telané Greyling

Delft Island horses WEEntry from Wild Equus

Little Book Cliffs Wild Horses WEEntry from Dr. Jason Ransom

Gower ponies WE Entry from Jennie Nellist

Baguales WEEntry from Dr. Victor Moraga and Enrique Zunzunegui

Exmoor Ponies WE Entry from Sue McGeever

Tornquist feral horses WEEntry from Dr. Alberto Scorolli

Sabucedo horses WE Entry from Ivan Sanmartin Eirin

Cumberland Island horses WEEntry from Wild Equus

Please share this initiative far and wide. Gracias!

This is an ongoing work, and as such, will be updated regularly as new information is made available.

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