WEN Photographers

Photography is a very effective conservation and educational tool.

WEN promotes the work of those who document and publicize the need for the conservation of feral and wild equid populations. If you have media relating to equids or the environments in which they live,  donate the media (photographs, videos) with usage rights (Copyrights remain yours) solely for use on this site and Wild Equus Network educational purposes.

Meet the growing team of WEN photographers who capture and document the lives of equids through their lenses.

Mark Terrel – Wild Horses of Nevada

Projects: Award-winning photographer, Mark Terrell, specializes in documenting the lives of wild horses. It is his hope and belief that given exposure to these exceptional animals, viewers will be motivated to help preserve the mustang way of life. They truly are the spirit of the old west. Website


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Tricia Gibson – Member of The Exmoor Pony Society

Projects: Over the last few years I have been spending one day a week on Exmoor in the area around Dunkery Beacon watching and documenting the lives of the semi-feral Exmoor ponies that live and breed there. Observing them has taught me much about equine behaviour and I regularly share the images I take with the herd owners and also the Exmoor Pony Society who promote this endangered native breed. Website

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Mario Moreno – Mario Moreno Photography

Projects:I have dedicated the last 15 years of my life to explore the African continent with an intense passion. From the great plains of the Serengeti, the floodplains of the Okavango or the harsh lands of the Kalahari to the summit of Kilimanjaro …. I have searched for the “ Perfect Moment “. A moment where everything comes together … Light, Timing and Emotions that create a memorable and forever lasting scene ! South Cape Images Photographic Safaris has given me the opportunity to share my experience with other photographers from around the globe that are eager to discover the amazing African continent. Website

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Javier Solis – Equus Barehoof

Projects: My love of nature and photography govern my work, it’s a great combination. I have some horses and learned about them with one of the best: Lucy Rees. I have worked for her with the photographic record of the feral horses of Cotopaxi in Ecuador. I am also equine podiatrist for maintenance, and have interest in recording the different ways to protect the hooves of domestic horses in confinement.

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Share your passion, knowledge and experience to help ensure the future of free-living equids across the globe.

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