A collection of articles and posts from the Equilibre and Wild Equus archives:

foal snapping at pinxo fsw
Snapping at “Alphas” and submission in horses

konik stallions mutual grooming
Affiliative behavior in Equus caballus

The social life of feral horses

Caging horses

A snippet on habituation

Blind Men & Elephant parable

On eagles and horses

Herding behavior

Peter Pan Horsemanship – Traducido

Peter Pan Horsemanship

Huddling in horses

Entendiendo a los caballos

Enjaular caballos

Boqueando a “alphas” y la sumisión en caballos

Tras las huellas del caballo criollo Ecuatoriano – Javier Solis

Champ, el semental salva una potra de ahogarse

Lichen licking in feral Pottokas

Altanero and the fly catcher

Koniks at Oostvaardersplassen

Feral horses

Jenofonte – On horsemanship (Castellano)

Group specific behavior as a basis for equine culture

The art of over-simplifying an over-simplification!

Tarpan: A “Heck” of a story.

Los caballos tienen cascos. Chuang Tzu

Horses have hoofs. Chuang Tzu

Horse behaviour: generalizations from observations of one population?

Snapping at “Alphas” and submission in horses

Zebra affairs – flies and stripes

Tarpan: one “Heck” of a story

Feral Horses – Venezuela Project

Furry tails, myths & lore

An Understanding of Horse


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