FSW Pottoka Piornal (Spain)

The Field Study Workshop (FSW) at Pottoka Piornal is jointly run between Wild Equus Network and Pottoka Piornal Project. The Pottoka Piornal Project (Caceres) was founded by Lucy Rees for scientific, educational and conservation purposes. It offers a unique opportunity to study the behavior of  horses in a natural setting.

The Pottoka (Basque Pony) are rustic and their antiquity has been verified by recent scientific research. These ponies live in an area of ​​1200 hectares and the population is found at an altitude of between 800-1500 meters.

This herd is organized according to their own schemes, natal bands and bachelor bands. You can see the full range of their social interactions, their choice of plants, the perfection of their hoofs, their impact on the environment and other aspects of their natural life.

The project offers universities, colleges, schools, students, researchers, caregivers, and horse enthusiasts, the opportunity to observe horses living with little human intervention.

For more details: http://wp.me/Pe5cu-2G4

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